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Relihealth has always believed in being selfless, ethical and caring towards every patient in need. Our idea of guiding you involves a well-planned path where you are empowered with the most reliable and well-researched information. We help you make correct informed decisions regarding your medical treatments and your travel overseas which includes details about various diseases and the possible treatments, doctor & hospital profiles and comparisons, health calculators, treatment packages, treatment cost estimator, testimonials and ratings of patients having undergone the same treatment, articles and news related to your condition and much more.

We understand that visiting a different country and undergoing a medical treatment away from home causes some apprehension. There are major expenses involved, and one expects value for money. This is where our decades of expertise come into play which we use to make sure that you are completely supported to undertake medical travel and that you do not feel lost, misguided or alone at any moment of your medical journey. To ensure that you get value for money services, we negotiate with hospitals and other service providers on your behalf thereby guaranteeing lowest cost to you.

Not only do we assist you in making an informed selection of the right hospital-doctor combination for your specific case at the lowest cost, but we also provide on-site support at every step of your journey.

A personal patient care attendant is assigned to you who apart from fixing appointments, getting free second opinions, negotiating for lowest prices, facilitating visa and other services such as international and domestic travel, lodging, interpreter services, food preferences, pastoral services, SIM card, Foreign Exchange services, sightseeing, shopping and much more.

Our relationship does not get over after we bid goodbye to the patients as we are always available to the patients even after their safe return and can arrange video/telephonic consultation with the treating doctor even after some months of returning home.

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We help you find the best Healthcare solution worldwide.

We are the single Largest, most credible and reliable Medical Value Travel organizers offering customized end-to-end holistic solutions to patients through a large network of accredited hospitals, a large pool of super specialist doctors in thirty three different clinical disciplines and having an in-house doctor led panel to discuss, analyze and deliberate each patient report and treatment plan for a value for money proposition. In addition, we provide complete logistics support and solutions for the entire journey.

    Connecting Patients with Super Specialist Doctors

    Given our global network of leading world-class doctors and hospitals, we connect patients with doctors and service providers that meet their individual requirements and needs. In other words, we promote and facilitate transparent personalized interactions.

    Second Opinion, Counseling, Travel Preparation & Bookings

    We provide you with a free second opinion based on your medical reports, counsel you about the disease and best possible treatment options and after that guide you in preparing for various aspects of your medical travel including paperwork, visa assistance, travel, lodging arrangements, etc. We prepare you for a hassle free and pleasant journey ahead.

    Onsite Assistance While You Travel

    From the point of your arrival to your ongoing treatment and post-treatment follow-up we provide onsite support such that your medical journey is customized, hassle-free, positive, seamless and successful. We assign a personal patient care attendant who provides language assistance, counseling, travel, accommodation and takes care of all other needs such as medicines, pastoral services, food preferences, Forex, SIM card, sightseeing, shopping, etc...

    Follow-up Support

    Even after your travel ends, our care and responsibilities don't end. Upon your return home, we provide follow-up support to make sure you are healing and recouping well. We again connect you with your treating doctor for any post follow up questions and queries over video calls/phone.

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