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Our cost estimate calculator (CEC) is designed to offer the users a way to get estimates of the treatment cost for a particular disease in India right at the convenience of their homes. The calculator provides the option of mentioning the name of the disease and the city in India where the treatment of that disease is desired. On searching, the CEC gives the list of best hospitals available in that city for the treatment of the ailment mentioned along with the indicative costs for every treatment. This would help our users in getting an idea of the renowned hospital options available to them in India for their treatment and the amount of medical expense that they might have to bear for availing a treatment from a particular facility.

Please note that the costs are only indicative and the actual cost can only be determined after the room category and condition of the patient is determined. This is only to assist the patients to get a fair idea on the costs and to prepare them for the expenses they are likely to incur.

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* The prices indicated are meant to assist you in planning a tentative budget. However actual cost may at times vary depending upon the presence of co –morbidities detected later or development of unforeseen clinical complications and sometimes due to prolonged hospitalization.

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