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Relihealth has made active efforts to assist corporate organizations with a basket of services that fulfill the healthcare needs of their employees, and assists them to decide if they should travel overseas for medical treatment. We provide free pre-travel advisory, a medical opinion with treatment plans and cost estimates. Besides, we arrange for a spectrum of post-travel concierge services. We have in-house medical advisors to screen and follow the medical opinion process. Moreover, we are networked with a large number of reputed and accredited hospitals. We work as managing partners for the corporate organizations, and serve whenever an employee requires medical travel overseas, at no extra cost. Adding value to the human resource benefits, we make it easy for the firms to assure their employees of quality medical care whenever required by them and that they are in safe hands. Therefore, our association will accompany the following:


Expert Advises
In a case of medical concerns and a requirement for suggestions, we offer expert advice and best treatment quotes as per the reports shared by the employees for the medical treatment.
Free Second Opinion
In case an employee is in dilemma about a treatment plan, he or she can consult with our experienced in-house doctors, discuss about the expenses linked to a particular treatment and also take advice on the best course of action for a medical situation.
The Best Value for Money Treatment Plans
Our extensive association with some of the finest medical institutions in India and an experience of over 30 years in the healthcare segment allows us to get value for money pricing. Moreover, we undertake that such costs will be without compromise on the quality of care. Our endeavor is to optimize the financial burden on medical travelers.
Personal Care
Our services include the provision of a personal patient care coordinator who shall guide the employees of your organization with all their needs during the medical travel.
A Complete Package
Employees will be provided with a complete treatment package that not only provides enrollment in the right medical facility at the least cost but, also includes additional benefits like visa assistance, travel & accommodation arrangements, language translators and much more for a safe and comfortable medical travel.
Follow-up Assistance
The employees post their treatment and return, will be contacted for their feedback on recovery and for providing answers to any of the post-treatment concerns.


Our services are designed to benefit both the organization and their employees in the best possible way when it comes to medical value travel. We appreciate our client’s organizational goals and ensure to work together in an organized, uncompromised and ethical manner.


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