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Relihealth has an unambiguous perspective of inviting every potential source towards sharing mutual benefits through professional and organized tie-ups. We believe in exploring every possible aspect that opens doors for long-term prospects for the stakeholders involved in the promotion of medical value travel.

Being experts in the healthcare segment with over 30 years of expertise, we have been able to associate ourselves with the finest hospitals and doctors in the country. These hospitals and doctors not only offer a well-versed medical opinion but also ensure prudence in proposed medical procedures.

Our organization has been working in sync with various insurance companies as a managing partner to assist all their health insurance cases that proceed towards visiting India for better healthcare and treatments. The widespread network of Relihealth allows the insurers to offer their clients a plethora of medical facilities to choose from and plan their medical travel so as to help them enroll only in the right medical facility that provides the most reliable treatments at the right cost.





An association with RELIHEALTH includes the following benefits:

The Right Package, The Right Cost, for The Right Patient
Being experts in the healthcare segment, we get the advantage in negotiating with the hospitals for the best cost for every treatment.
Assured Monetary Benefit
As we assist our insurance partners with the best-negotiated prices for every treatment, they get the benefit of cost optimization
Credit Assistance in Emergencies
In exceptional cases, we offer credit facility to assist in an emergency procedure or treatment of a patient.
The Mutual Benefit
We work in sync with your business and look out for every possible source to contribute towards it. Our assistance also includes giving presentations on medical processes to your clients and offering medical check-ups too. Besides, we contribute by providing our expert opinions on various medical cases
Free Second Opinion
In case the insurance companies find a particular process or procedure unnecessary for their client, they can consult our experienced doctors. They may also discuss on the expenses associated with a particular treatment.
A New Feature to Promote Medical Insurance Product
'Assured Dedicated Assistant' - Every insured patient will be provided a personal coordinator who will take care of all their needs throughout their medical travel in the country and until their safe return.
A Packaged Deal
The patients will be provided with a complete package during their medical travel plan that includes added options like Visa arrangements, and free assistance with ticketing and other travel arrangements for their comfortable transit throughout their medical tour.
The Experience Factor
We understand our associate’s business and ensure that we meet their needs without any compromises.



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