For NRIs

"The apple never falls far from the tree"

The proverb has a lot more relevance when we associate it with the care we feel for the loved ones who are far from us. We realize that people always wish to care for their near and dear ones no matter how far they are. But, believe it or not, when we say that your loved ones are in a different country for good, it really gets hard to help even if one wants to. In order to assist you in this situation, Relihealth extends it’s helping hand to care for your loved ones just the way you would.

In the case of a medical emergency or an unavoidable treatment required by your loved ones while you are too far to assist, we take the responsibility to give all the required assistance for a minimal fee. All that is required from your end are the reports of the patient and the rest we take forward.





We leave no space for negligence and ensure that your loved ones are assisted in every possible way to access quality treatments and towards prompt recovery. Besides, all these services can be availed by the NRIs and their communities that find the medical procedures expensive and out of their budget in the country, they are residing.


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