For Referring Doctors

Relihealth is a renowned platform for exposure, experience and worldwide recognition. We maintain a dynamic approach towards every medical case which gives doctors in the panel a chance to participate and enhance their expertise by exposing themselves to new medical challenges every day.

We open this platform for all those skilled and diligent doctors to participate with us towards building a new level of medical assistance for patients. Surely, this association will lead to benefits, both personal and professional, such as:

Enrolment in short training programs associated with different medical procedures and image-guided procedures overseas at a nominal fee or even free of charge in some cases.
Reimbursement for the professional interpretation made at the time of initiating the process.
As the primary care physician, one can stay connected with the progress of the patient throughout his/her journey/medical treatment and can also peruse the progress through our online portal.


Allows us to contact you and elaborate on our services. You can also get in touch with us through any of the following options:


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